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Corporate Overview

Board Members and
Executive Officers

Ronald E. Hughes,
President & CEO, Director

Gilbert G. Talafuse,1 2
VP Geology, Director

Jurgen A. Wolf,1 2

Robert Lim,1

Mark N. Gelmon,

1 Audit Committee
2 NI 51-101 Reserves Committee

Operations Advisory

This is a very exciting time for our public company, with strong energy prices and new potentials for future production. Our symbol is TAE on the TSX-Venture exchange.

Executive Officers and Board of Directors

Ronald E. Hughes, President & CEO, Director
Mr. Hughes has worked in business development since 1987. After studying resource economics at the University of Alberta, he began sourcing capital for a number of small businesses in and around the Vancouver area. In 1997, he worked as an Investment Advisor with Global Securities. Moving to Point Roberts, Washington, in 1991 he and his wife Linda established North Arm Capital Services, providing Investor Relations and Business Development services to an international client base. Mr. Hughes has been President of TransAmerican Energy Inc. since 2001.

Gilbert G. Talafuse, VP Geology, Director
Mr. Talafuse began his professional career as a Geologist with Tennessee Gas in Houston, Texas. In 1988 he was promoted to Geological Manager and was responsible for representing Tenneco at hearings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In 1992, he initiated independent ventures exploring for oil and natural gas in the Texas Gulf Coast. In 1994, he entered into a joint venture with a Houston-based oil company, TransTexas Gas, to explore and develop natural gas reserves in southeast Texas. More recently, he has been successful in the drilling of three Yegua wells in East Texas and Louisiana and is currently analyzing and planning the further development of Morton and Pickens Fields in Mississippi, as well as the Beauregard field in Louisiana for TransAmerican Energy. He has been a self-employed Geologist, working with Greystone Operating, Houston, Texas, from August 1995 to present.

Jurgen A. Wolf, Director
Mr. Wolf has a long successful list of business accomplishments over the past 45 years. Mr. Wolf was President and director of US Oil and Gas Resources Inc. since 1997 and has been a director of Flow Energy Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, since its inception in April 2002. Mr. Wolf has been involved in the Oil and Gas industry for over 15 years. He is also currently a director of Odyssey Petroleum.

Robert Lim, Director
Mr. Lim is currently retired and joins the Company as a member of the Audit Committee.  From June 1965 to April 2000 he was President of Heatley Trading, a private company. 

Mark N. Gelmon, CFO
Mr. Gelmon is a Chartered Accountant in British Columbia.  As a consulting C.A., Mr. Gelmon has provided his expertise to several TSX Venture Exchange listed companies including Bayswater Ventures, Bellhaven Ventures and Great Southern Enterprises.  He also served as director and President & CEO of Pacific Asia China Energy and currently serves as director of Mount Dakota Energy.   Mr. Gelmon brings extensive experience to his role as CFO with TransAmerican Energy Inc.

Whitney J. Pansano, Operations Advisory
Mr. Pansano has more than 25 years experience in hands-on executive management of both private and public oil companies. With a reputation as a company builder, Whitney Pansano has been the founder of several independent oil and gas companies in Mississippi and has been engaged in oil and gas exploration, development and production since 1975, with emphasis on the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, the area of the Company's primary activities. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Joe DeVries, Operations Advisory
Mr. DeVries has assisted public companies for more than 20 years. He has clear comprehension of industrial operations through his direct involvement as either principal or director of several public and private companies. Mr. DeVries has provided administrative skills to all his endeavours and continues to demonstrate those abilities in the Oil and Gas sector. Having a detailed understanding of corporate structures allows him to produce success and confidence in the formation of capital. He was a former director of Sea Breeze Power Corp. (formerly International Powerhouse Energy Corp.), from 2000 to 2003.  Mr. DeVries is also CEO and director of Odyssey Petroleum.

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