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Alexander - Alberta

The Alexander Prospect is a 5% interest in the petroleum and natural gas rights to the Belly River Formation on Sections 4, 7, 8, & 18-57-1W5M, in the Alexander Prospect near Edmonton, Alberta and the following interests in five wells; Alex 3 of 7 Belly River gas well(completed) 5% working interest, Alex 5 of 8 Potential Belly River Gas well 20% before 12.5% after payout of working interest, Alex 6 of 7 Ellerslie and Wabamun oil well (completed) 10% before and 5% after payout of working interest, Alex 12 of 7 Ellerslie oil well (completed) 5% working interest, and the  Alex 100 3 of 7 water disposal well 5% working interest.

It is anticipated that the three oil wells that are in the Ellerslie and Wabamun zones will produce collectively 175bbls per day according to recent swab testing. The Ellerslie zone is expected to produce 250mcf per day. Approval and installation of pipelines and battery facilities is pending. Further development potential is available on this property.

Explorations Update

The company is aggressively buying participation in exploration and development fields located primarily in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Alberta. Management believes that exploration drilling in these highly prolific areas will continue to rapidly increase our production and reserves.

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