Quebec - Lacasse Properties   

TransAmerican Energy acquired 100% of an Anticosti Island parcel, known as the Lacasse Property, totaling more than 19,000 hectares. This permitted property is located along the southwest coastline of Anticosti Island at the entrance to the Saint Lawrence Seaway.


                              Quebec Oil and Natural Gas Permit acquired from Lacasse

            Anticosti / Estuaire du St-Laurent,     *     19,560 acres  (denoted in pink)   Map 1

This acquisition provides the company access to the Utica shale play in Quebec, still in its infancy. The company believes the next 12 months could be a significant year in proving the commerciality of the Utica resource. The Macasty shale has not been tested on Anticosti Island however, is considered equivalent to the Utica shale which has produced oil and gas on test. The Macasty shale is a prolific source rock which is known to lie beneath three quarters of Anticosti Island.

Quebec - Pessamit Properties                                                                            

The Company and its minority partner Dumasbancorp ULC have entered into an agreement with the Autonomous Innu Government of Pessamit (“Pessamit”), for the purpose of conducting hydrocarbon (oil and gas) exploration in certain identified areas located in the estuary of the St. Lawrence River in the Côte-Nord region, that may contain significant quantities of oil and gas. The Pessamit territory covers 62,373 acres and is located on the north shore of the St. Lawerance River, 54 kilometers southwest of Baie-Comeau

Alberta - Alexander Prospect                                                                              

During the year ended April 30, 2006, TransAmerican Energy acquired the Alexander Prospect. The property consists of a 5% interest in petroleum and natural gas rights to the Belly River Formation on certain Sections, in the Alexander Prospect near Edmonton, Alberta. In 2009 the Company elected to participate in costs relating to the re-completion of the Wabamum zone at the well located at LSD 6, Section,7 Twp 57 Rge. 1 W5M. During the the year ended April 30, 2012 it was determined uneconomic to continue operations and the company disposed of its 5% interest recording a gain on disposal of $15,133.


Texas - Hubach / Clayton                                                                                   

The Company's interests in the Texas properties are a 40% working interest in the Hubach #2 well located in Runnels County, Texas a 50% working interest in the Stuart Estate 61 #1,#6 and #11 gas wells in Palo Pinto County, a 16 % working interest in the Wimberly #2 gas well, a 20% working interest in the Wimberly #5 gas well both in Jack county Texas and a 25% working interest in the Clayton 1 gas well in Texas. All the above wells are operated by independent Operators. The Company does not anticipate further investment in the development of these properties.

Oklahoma - Atoka Gas Properties                                                                       

During the year ended April 30, 2006, TransAmerican Energy acquired a 25% interest in three gas wells located in Oklahoma referred to as the Atoka properties as well as certain other wells located within Oklahoma. During the current period, the Company entered into an agreement with Longfellow Energy, LP, wherein Longfellow will be drilling an 8,700 foot test well in Atoka County in an area where the Company owns a 12.95% working interest. The total cost to drill and complete the well is estimated at up to US$1,884,247. In lieu of paying its proportionate AFE cost of US$244,047, the Company has agreed to assign its working interest and accept its proportionate share of an 18.75% overriding royalty interest on the well.