TransAmerican Energy Inc. is a Canadian Oil & Gas Company, pursuing assets for acquisition, exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources. 

The Company’s strategies looking into 2012, include participating in the drilling of new wells, both in the US and Canada, in conjunction with other, as yet, undetermined working interest partners. The Company proposes to finance its participation in such future concepts by way of debt and or equity financing. Such financing will depend on equity market conditions at the time the Company commits to participate in the drilling of each new well.

The properties in which the Company currently has an interest, are in various stages of development; as such the Company has historically relied on the equity markets to fund its activities, support from its existing shareholders, joint venture agreements, and debt financing. In order to carry out future exploration and development activities and pay for administrative costs, the Company will need to raise additional working capital.

The Company will continue to assess new properties and seek to acquire an interest in additional properties if there is sufficient geologic or economic potential and if it has adequate financial resources to do so. 

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