CUSIP #                   89360A 302

Transfer Agent         Computershare

Shares Issued          32,262,210

Share Price      

      Canada              TSX Venture - TAE

      United States     U.S. OTCBB - TAEGF

      Germany            Frankfurt Exchange - YQJ


Auditors                    Davidson & Company LLP

Counsel                    DuMoulin Black LLP

Financial Statements as well as Oil & Gas Annual Disclosures can be viewed along with all public disclosures and past news releases on SEDAR

Corporate Office  

Suite 303

595 Howe Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada  V6C 2T5

please call our investor relations        1 877 945 1621

Dedicated to Shareholders, the company practices sound conservative fiscal priorities, focused on building shareholder value in the Energy Resource Sector. Projects are reviewed with a specific requirement for  prudent risk reward ratios. Global & Domestic Demand for Energy continues to expand the need to Explore, Develop & Produce both Oil & Natural Gas. As a publicly listed company on the TSX-Venture Exchange you can expect full and timely disclosure of company progress as it takes place.